I live in Nashville and I'm married to my college sweetheart, Jase - together for over a decade now. We have a fluffy, crazy wheaten terrier pup named Lola. She's the funniest. I grew up in Jackson, TN and will forever believe that this is where the best Mexican food resides. Coffee is an addiction and the best part of my [all-day-every] day. I will always choose the beach. There's just something about the water. I love to travel. Hawaii for sure ruined me and is the most heavenly place on earth. Art is my absolute favorite, all types of art. I will never say no to popcorn or a glass of red wine. I love concerts and music of any kind [except new country, sorry Nashville]. Sushi and the aforementioned Mexican food are my love language, not in combination of course. I love books, vinyl records, and vintage pieces - there's something homey about it all. We have a Saturday morning ritual of donuts and coffee. Gardening makes me so happy. I've been going to thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets ever since I was a kid with my mom, sister, and Memaw and it will always be my favorite pastime and best inspiration.
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